Are tonneauKING® covers easy to install?

The tonneauKING® line of products has been designed to be very easy to install. You do not need to have any mechanical skills and no tools or drilling is ever required. Any tonneauKING® cover can be installed in under a minute – The Worlds quickest!!!!!!

What do I need to use to install my new tonneauKING® cover?

No drilling required! All of our tonneauKING® covers have been built for easy installation. Easy clamp-on system

Will my tonneauKING® cover really save me money on my fuel bill?

Yes. Due to our sleek design, independent tests have been done and found that you can save up to 10% on your fuel per tank. With this said, your tonneauKING® cover will pay for itself!

Can I close and open my tailgate with a tonneauKING® cover?

Yes. Our tonneauKING® covers do not block or obstruct your bakkie tailgate. tonneauKING® covers are even more secure with bakkie`s that have tailgate locks. If your bakkie does not have a tailgate lock, an aftermarket tailgate lock can usually be found and installed.

Are tonneauKING® Covers Lockable?

Our tonneauKING® covers were designed to give you access to your bed when your tailgate is in the down or open position. Our tonneauKING® covers will not open when the tailgate is up and closed. With a tailgate lock in place, your bakkie bed is entirely secure.

Are tonneauKING® covers waterproof?

Our Soft tonneauKING® covers should be Water-resistant making them ideal for using in wet or inclement weather (Depending on rubberising etc. used on bin). We use the highest quality rubber gaskets and seals to ensure that moisture stay out of the bakkie bin. The chances for our Hard tonneauKING® covers to leak is much greater, due to all the exposed hinges, although all our movable parts do have rubber gaskets, can we not claim that they won’t leak!

How does the tonneauKING® cover hold up to temperature extremes?

Our vinyl is a durable, industrial Marine grade UV treated vinyl as well as the thread we use. It has been tested to withstand temperatures from – 40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit without budging, tearing or changing shape, which makes our tonneauKING® covers an excellent choice no matter where you live and drive your bakkie.

What can I use to clean my tonneauKING® cover?

We have a scientifically formulated tonneau KING® ‘INSTACLEAN’ cover and accessories cleaner, you can also use any vinyl cleaner that is free of petroleum, silicone or citrus-based solvents. Avoid vinyl conditioners as these can cause your cover to sag and wrinkle. Water & soap will suffice. (See Warranty)

Can I go through an Automated Car Wash with my tonneauKING® cover?

Yes! We have designed Tonneau KING® covers to be durable and long lasting. Most new car washes will pose no problems to our tonneau covers. However, every car wish is different. Be sure to check with the carwash operator for final say.

Will the tonneauKING® covers work with a Bed Liner?

Both the tonneauKING® Hard & Soft will work with the “Under-the-Bedrail” type of Bed Liner without any modification. If you have an “Over-the-Bedrail” type of liner, then you will need to cut small 2″ x 4″ holes in the liner for the clamps to help install to the bakkie bed.

Can I get a custom tonneauKING® cover made for my bakkie?

No, unfortunately we don’t make custom tonneau covers. We only make tonneau covers for bakkie`s covered by our application guide/diagram in ORDER menu.

Will I be able to fit a Roll bar on my tonneauKING® cover?

Yes, we have our own patented Roll bar brackets specifically designed for our tonneauKING® cover, however, you have to discuss your Roll bar measurements with us, before we supply you our brackets.