Celebrating Women’s Month

Celebrating Women’s Month

In this day and age, we do not need to empower women, at tonneau KING® we do look out for women though.

Our mission this month is to offer all women in South Africa the option to make life a little easier, especially if you drive a bakkie.
We have designed a product range which can and will take the hassle out of everyday chores and get things done a little faster.

Have a look at the following products and how these can benefit any person.

Tri-fold® Soft & Supreme Hard Bakkie tonneau covers:

Getting the cover on-or-off your bakkie has never been such a breeze.  Women like investing in quality products, due to the Marine grade vinyl used on these it eliminates a few hassles which you experience with everyday tonneau covers.  The Sun will not heat this cover up to an untouchable extent, nor will the cold shrink it to a size where it cannot clip into a frame.  Past the 5-year guarantee period on these covers it will look like you have received the cover that day, better than a Bauer pan.  The
tri-fold® cover is a solid one-piece unit which folds over easily in 3 sections, take a minute to look at the video… this is how a woman gets the job done.

The sad truth in our country is that we need to overthink every aspect of keeping our belongings and ourselves safe, we are with you on that.  Our soft and Supreme Hard covers are lockable with the bakkie tailgate, the Supreme Hard cover is strengthened with an ABS plate underneath the vinyl to keep anything and anyone out whereas they might be able to get into the soft cover by cutting through it.  Locking things in the bin might be safer than in open-view of the cab window, makes you think.

Get the cover as strong as your woman.

Cargo BAR & BAG’s

As funny as it might seem to see a woman struggle to haul things out of the bakkie when it went rolling around, we as women like keeping our bearings together.

tonneau KING® has the perfect solution for such situations, whether you need to keep something tight or in reach, the ratchet type cargo bar will be your extra arm when you need it.  Easy adjustable, ultra-strong and light weight.  Women no longer need to leopard crawl for anything, have a look at the video:

At tonneau KING® we tend to take things a little further, we designed the perfect add-on to the cargo bar for the smaller items.

You can now quickly strap-on a tonneau BAG to keep smaller things secure.  The cargo BAG is made of high-density rip-stop material with user-friendly YKK zips to keep things inside.  Whether you need to hold groceries, work materials or your children’s million little things, the tonneau BAG will make life a little easier and the process of getting things a little faster.  Fast is what every woman needs.

Shopping for groceries is a hassle on its own, getting the parcels in the house turns out to be a mission on its own.  With a cargo BAR and BAG combination you can clip it off and carry everything in at once, no jokes.

Bakkie Dust Seal Kits

As a woman you know how to clean, keeping a bakkie bin and tailgate clean is to another extent though.  Why clean it if you can seal it?

The DIY tonneau SEAL kit for all bakkie tailgates can put the spark back in your luggage, install it yourself, whether it is for your bakkie or someone else’s.