The days are growing shorter and the weather is turning, which can only mean one thing — winter is nearly upon us.

If your vehicle could do with a few upgrades to make it through these next few months, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll run down a few accessories and parts for your consideration — one for each day of Christmas.

1. Tri-fold tonneau covers

Normally, you’d want to invest in a tonneau cover to prevent your gear from bouncing or flying out of your bakkie when traveling through rough paths — or as a lockable deterrent to passing kleptos. But they also come in handy during the colder months because of their airtight weatherproof design.

Today, you invest in comfort, sleek designs and security.  When researching available tonneau products on the market you will notice that most have one-or-other hassles that puts you off.  All materials get tougher to manage and use in the winter months, stiff from the cold… Imagine opening your clip-on cover but struggling on a next level to clip the cover back in, makes you think about how many bakkies you see on the road with only the cover frame left on.

The tonneau KING® tri-fold® cover was designed to cut-out such hassles, the first lockable soft cover was introduced to South Africa in 2013 yet we have found that a lot of people have still not viewed the product.  The soft cover is a solid aluminium framed, foldable unit covered in marine grade vinyl, held together with marine grade thread.  No need to force materials into clips and twist a finger, the tri-fold® cover effortlessly clamps in underneath the lipping of the bin, even a toddler can use this cover whether it is hot or cold outside.

What makes the tonneau KING® cover range inspiring is the Supreme Hard tri-fold® cover, built for South African bakkie owners with an exact level of security.  The cover was designed based on the long-lasting soft tri-fold®, additional reinforced cross bars and a sturdy reinforced ABS plate underneath the top-grade vinyl made this cover the one to invest in.  Whether you need a Soft cover or a Supreme hard cover you get the 5 year guarantee on their materials.  You get the ease of access to your entire bin within seconds, you keep the warranty of your vehicle in-place as they fit without drilling into a vehicle, you have the most sleek and tight looking cover on your vehicle with no worries of someone breaking into it or having to lock everything in the cab.

Do yourself a favour and take a look at a tonneau KING® tri-fold® cover before you purchase your new vehicle, you could always replace the one on your current bakkie before the cold hits us all.

2. Cargo Bar + Net

When the cold catches up to you and your knees feel it too, the last thing you need is to leopard crawl around a cold bakkie bin to fetch things that rolled around.  The tonneau KING® ratchet type cargo bar holds everything in the bin where you left it with a choice to add-on the tonneau NET for the smaller things.

Winter sports brings out the hassle in all bakkies for parents, the heavy-duty, UV-resistant poly-netting construction won’t be a problem when it comes to loads of rugby and netball gear. It won’t stretch beyond recognition or lose its shape because of its nylon-non-elastic nature. Straps and buckles are included, so just strap it onto the tonneau BAR and hit the road for the field.

Cargo bars can be applied both nearer the cab or nearer the tailgate to prevent anything from gas bottles, school bags, groceries and other gear from slipping and sliding around your bakkie. Fully adjustable, they’re not only compatible with bakkies, but SUV’s and sedans too. These bars are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and feature rubber-coated feet to assure a solid, non-slip grip that won’t damage your vehicle.  Go with the bar or use a cargo net for double the security.  What’s not to like?

3. Tailgate Dust Seal Kit

Dust is a common problem for any bakkie, people often buy SUV’s to not have to deal with a dirty tailgate or bin as tailgate dust sealing solutions are not very common in South Africa yet.  The tonneau KING® Dust Seal Kit is the perfect prevention to dusty luggage or groceries, no one wants sand in their bread.

With hunting season up and running you might want to consider getting that tailgate sealed before your next trip, the perfect solution to keep ants and flies out of the bin or simply the dust off your meat on the way to the butcher.

The dust seal kit does the same for your tailgate as the tonneau cover for your supplies.  Whether you need to keep dust, moisture or mud out, it will be stopped against the universally designed EPDM rubber tonneau KING® dust seal kit.  The complete all-in-one kit ensures a perfect fit on almost any make and model in South Africa, made from all-weather 3M acrylic foam tape, it installs easily – all you need to do is cut, peel and stick, and you’re good to go.