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The tonneau BAR will offer you similar benefits to our well-known alternative product,
the space CAGE, by holding your goods in-place in your bakkie bin, but will also be a more economically
affordable option for all bakkie owners.

The tonneau BAR is a much more flexible option to hold anything anywhere around
the bin in-place as it does not require a specific fitment area.

Quick to install and easy to use the cargo bar offers endless storage option,
great for use in the load box of a bakkie within the confines of the sides.

No one's saying you don't have room to pack in extra groceries, a few extra sacks of fertilizer or
more boxes of motor oil. The only trouble is making sure it stays put once you put the pedal to the metal.

Loose loads plus motion equals slipping, sliding and spilling
Unless you're equipped with a tonneau BAR Cargo Bar.


  • The bar can be installed or removed in seconds with a ratchet
    mechanism which is simple to tighten, lock and then released.
  • The tonneau BAR is manufactured with top grade materials and will
    easily hold anything from groceries, school luggage, cooler boxes, gas
    bottles, fridges, tools and hardware to heavy equipment and
    machinery by ensuring a secure barrier.
  • The rubberised mounting feet stay secure, prevent movement and adjust to the shape of the load bin as well as the angle of application.
  • Padded feet ensure a snug mount that’s safe on your finish and interior trim of your vehicle and prevents marks or scratches.
  • Installs fast with no tools required.
  • When out of use the bar can be stored under a seat
    or behind the rear seat of a bakkie or SUV.
  • Light weight and easy to use.

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Constructed from heavy-duty steel for lasting durability.
Rubber-coated feet assure a solid, non-slip grip that won't damage your vehicle body.
Suited to load box and cargo areas between 1.0 m to 1.80 m wide.
Work load weight limit: 100 kg
Extension range: 1.0 m to 1.80 m.
1 year “no fuss" warranty.