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tonneau KING® is the sole supplier of these unique & patented products.

tonneau KING® covers are available in HARD tonneau covers as well as SOFT tonneau covers. The SOFT & HARD covers are totally in a league of their own – You will have to search the ends of the world to find a BETTER soft or hard tonneau cover for your bakkie – That’s a promise!

tonneau KING® SOFT & HARD covers are BEST SELLERS and has many, many unique features in comparison to any other soft or hard tonneau product currently in South Africa . Our Soft & Hard covers for your bakkie are made of top grade industrial material with a superior design and aesthetics, thus can we with utmost confidence state that tonneau KING® covers are the most versatile products on the market.

Our tonneau KING® cover can be installed or removed in under a minute –WORLDS QUICKEST & HASSLE FREE!!!

Securing your contents on your bakkie with your tailgate lock is an added bonus, especially in our South African climate. tonneau KING® is the 1st to have a lockable SOFT & HARD tonneau cover on the market in SA!

Due to the sleek design of tonneau KING® your cover will pay for itself, saving you up to 10% on each tank.

Now isn’t that what you would expect your tonneau cover should do?

Why fit a tonneau KING® cover?

UNIQUE features of tonneau KING® vs any other tonneau products

• No drilling required - No holes in bodywork vs drilling required into body (decreases resale value + rust)
• No tools at all required - Quick clamp system vs A number of tools required to fit
• Secure - Tailgate lock for security (FIRST lockable Soft tonneau cover) vs No Security (Soft tonneau can be opened even with tailgate lock)
• Fuel saver - Sleek design saves you up to 10% per fuel tank vs Less / non-fuel saver - no sleek design
• Money Saver - no installation costs - DIY vs Installation costs involved
• Quick installation - worlds quickest / +- a minute vs Time consuming +- 2.5 - 4 Hours
• Pre assembled - No assembly required vs Made to measurements & need assembly
• Easy to fit or remove - Requires only one person to fit vs Need fitment centre to fit
• Hassle Free– No more battling to open or close vs an EVERYDAY struggle to open & close
• Top QUALITY material used– Marine grade vinyl & thread vs Mostly inferior vinyl’s used
• 6063 Grade Aluminium Frame - no rust / coastal areas vs Mostly steel frames (rust factor)
• Unique in South Africa– PATENT PENDING 2013/02713
• Fuel Saver - Saving you up to 10% fuel per tank allows the product to pay for itself
• Ease of use - Extremely quick and easy to: open, close, remove or install.....IN SECONDS, YES..... IN SECONDS!!!!!
• The Most Versatile tonneau Cover on the Market
• Superior Design and Aesthetics
• Marine grade vinyl & thread
• Lightweight due to 6063 grade aluminium frame
• Delivery anywhere in South Africa

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