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You can now do your Christmas shopping All-at-Once and at peace
with any one of our Lockable and Hassle Free tri-fold™ tonneau (bakkie) covers.

Our Hard and Soft covers are both Lockable
with the tailgate, a Secure and Locked bin is by far the
GREATEST NEED for all bakkie owners in SA.

The Advantages of investing in a tonneau KING® cover before you start off the Holiday Season and Christmas Gift shopping, is a definite reason to
act now and get covered.

We all need a Safe, Secure and Locked bin, especially before you go Christmas shopping or hit the road.  You will decrease the worry of having something valuable stolen at a robot or parking spot. The old way of the need to make round trips up-and-down to drop your shopping off safely at home in order to leave your open bakkie bin in another parking area will be something of the past with our lockable covers, we all need to save some time and fuel...

We also sometimes tend to uncomfortably overload the front seat and cab for the same reason instead of loading our things on the bakkie bin.  With our Lockable covers you can now have the whole bin space for secure packing space and enjoy being seated in a uncrowded cab…


The advantages does not end there either, our tonneau covers are
most user friendly and hassle free bakkie cover in the world

Installing either our hard or soft cover takes you longer to remove from the packaging than it takes to do the whole installation, you need no tools and require no drilling into your vehicle. You will certainly not need to search and visit a fitment centre as the fitment is completely DIY and easy.

The fitment of our covers with roll bars also do not involve any drilling into your vehicle and is done in only a few minutes by replacing your existing set of roll bar brackets with a set of our brackets.

Our covers Fit and Remove in Seconds, you will have quick access to the complete bin space when having to load bigger items, you will have no reason to pay someone for delivery as we often need to do with other covers which can’t remove and restrict the use of your bin space when fitted.

Our covers are the most user friendly for women and children, you will not struggle to open or close our covers and women will definitely not ruin their nails as they do with other covers.

We would like to help you enjoy the spirit of the Holiday Season by ensuring you comfort in your bakkie and the necessary Safety of your Valuable Christmas shopping as well as your luggage and gear for your get-away trip.


We can make your Christmas Shopping STRESS FREE and much more comfortable with our space CAGE bin extender.  The perfect strong quality aluminium storage frame to keep your shopping in the right place and secure items where you left it in your bakkie bin, no more loss in broken and ruined items.

We all need a way of keeping the gas in our Coca Cola bottles by not having it roll around in the bin, the same goes for things like cracked eggs, broken glass containers, crushed/deformed bread and especially the awful mess of
leaking dairy products.

The space CAGE can save you from the uncomfortable and unbearable task of crawling onto your bakkie to retrieve things all over your bin.

Sometimes wish your bakkie had a little bigger bin to fit bigger loads?  You will probably when loading your Christmas shopping this year and Yes, we do have the perfect solution for you.

The space CAGE can easily flip over and extend your bin for that extra needed space, it can also be secured onto the tailgate to ensure a safe trip. 
With the easy to use brackets fitted to the sides of your tailgate you can fit and remove your space CAGE at any time as needed.

Another hassle with bakkie’s is the endless mission of
keeping your bin clean and dust free, especially when you need to load valuable items and keep your shopping or holiday luggage clean, a gift ruined when covered in dust just will not do.
Our top-seller tonneau SEAL kit is a one-size-fits-all engineered dust seal kit
designed to reduce dust leakage in your bakkie bin by providing a tight tailgate and bin seal.

The easy to install 3m adhesive-backed EPDM rubber seal kit requires
no tools or drilling into your vehicle when installing.

This much needed product will not only save you the
time and effort from the constant need of cleaning the dust from your bin, but will ensure a cleaner bin with a slighter chance of a dirty and dusty gift ending up under the Christmas tree this year. 

We will also make sure that your dust free luggage arrives at your holiday destination instead of the well-known covered in dust off-white pillows and linen.

We would all surely rather sleep on a dust free pillow and have clean and dust free clothes when on holiday, while also having the much needed space of a sealed bin area to fit everything and not having to leave anything behind…


 This is not only our Christmas Gift to you, 
it is also one of the most needed and useful products
in the tonneau KING® product range.

We all need that one bottle all-purpose cleaner that cleans
just about anything, especially when going away on holiday, the tonneau CLEAN formula will  definitely do the job for you and save you the space and hassle of having to travel with a whole dispensary of cleaning products.

The tonneau CLEAN formula was also specifically made to clean our tri-fold™ tonneau covers and vehicles, this is the 1st cleaning product for tonneau covers in South Africa.  We also have a 50ml bottle super concentrate available which can be included in a combination deal, you will be able to mix more than enough spray bottles to last anyone throughout the holiday’s.

Our formula is Internationally approved for all tonneau covers: SABS Standards Approval, European Standards Approval, United States Standards Approval, Green Seal Certified. Proudly South African Product. Our formula is also Bio degradable, Non-toxic, Ozone friendly and Environmental friendly.


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